Friday, 31 March 2017

Family fiesta

This Week we had to make some  cupcakes for our school gala which is called the Family Fiesta. My cupcake is made out of icing fondant   and the cupcake mix. It took me ages to make because the dots on the lady bird was hard. It took me from 6.00 till 9.00pm. My cup cakes look so good from my point of view. We got to make 1 to 6 cupcakes so I decided to make 6. We have to bring them in to school and put them in a class for judging. There is a chance to get either
1st 2nd 3rd and highly commended. If you make cupcakes you can get to place the first bid and I put $4 for me to have a chance to win. I did not let my mum help me with my cupcake. There are a lot of amazing designs. I hope I win my cupcakes. This is my final design.


  1. Well done Kenz! I was very proud of you for doing this all completely independently - as much as I wanted sooooo badly to put in my 2 cents worth!! The cupcakes have turned out great! You could almost go into business (but not in my kitchen - I don't think I could handle the mess :):) What do you think you would do differently if you were to make them again?

  2. Mackenzie these look amazing! I can't believe that you made them independently! I was super impressed when mum sent me a Snapchat of you making them last night! Can I call you if I ever need cupcakes made?

  3. Kia Ora Mackenzie,
    They looks so good and they are so cool!

  4. Haha Miss hines yes sure u can call me if you want cupcakes made and so was mum we i wanted to make them on my own
    Thank you Mackenize

  5. Kia ora sammie
    thank you for the comment my cup cake took for ever to make but i think they look cool

  6. Hello Mackenzie
    Your cupcakes look very cool and yummy. Did you come 1st 2nd or 3rd?
    I really like baking and i can't wait until i get to do this when I am older
    Bye from Millah


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