Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Bee's facts

Why are bees so important :
Bees are so important because they polane your food so you are able to eat them
and they all so take out the polan in some flowers so they can stay alive.
They also are very important because they have to pollinate crops on farms so then one
day that can be harvested. Its is estimated that one third of our food is pollinated by
them that's so cool Around 400 different type of plants need the bees to pollinate them
to increase the quantity.

What veggies and fruit do bees pollinate :
bees plantes a lot of fruit and veggies but you might not be quit sure on what they
really do pollante that like to polante apples,tomatoes,pears,cashew,coffee and extra.
If you have time you should have a look on what food  they polante that you eat i
found that most of my food is pollinated by bees that is amazing .

What places can you find bees:
Many people think that bees were found in africa and  then dpreded north of europe
and the eastern india and china . They can be found in tropical places and heavenly
blush places they like to hang around plants so you may find them in you lavender
plants . bees build nest inside tree cavities and under edges to hide them self from

What flowers do bees like:
Bees my collects nectar from a wide variety of flower plants that's why you
find many bees flying around  our gardens theses days. Bees like to hang around
the plants.stonecrop,Goldenrod, lavender, butterfly bush and more if you want to
find out what plane they like to buzz around have a look on google.