Monday, 7 May 2018

Solve subtraction word problems with numbers up to the thousands.

 This week we have been working on Solve subtraction word problems with numbers up to the thousands. I find it quite easy because i know how to do a gritham  s it makes it easier for me. 


  1. Hi Kenz. I like how you are getting so clever in working our your problems. What I would really like to see is your working out - the process you went through to get to your answer. Remember it is really important to show your workings so that you can see how you solved the problem and if you make and error you can trace it back. Maybe you could work these out in your book and take a photo of your workings to add to your slide?

    1. Hi Mrs Clark

      That is exactly what I have just talked to Mackenzie about. I would like to see a photo of her working out added to her work book.

  2. Hi Mackenzie

    It's great to see you focused and getting through lots of your work. Remember to show working out and please create three subtraction word problems of your own to add to the slide.


Thank-you for your positive, thoughtful, helpful comment.