Friday, 16 June 2017


This week in maths we have been working on using an protractor to measure our angles and figuring out what type of angle they are. I found out that there is a acute angle,right
angle,straight angle,obtuse angle.  


  1. Well done Kenz. It is great to see your maths learning! You have got those angles sorted nicely. Ka Pai!

  2. Thank you Mrs Clark Yes I have got my angles i have a little bit of trouble with the measuring but that is all right.
    Mackenzie Clark
    Totara 2

  3. Hey Mackenzie! Well done on being able to identify the different angles. Keep working on measuring your angles with a protractor. Miss H

  4. Hi Mackenzie,
    I'm Maya.
    I really really like your work about you showing us what you have done in math. It's really good but maybe next time you should make a video showing everyone how It's done but good job Mackenzie.


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