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Monday 22nd June 
Title : Is it right
Dog grooming is an important part of keeping dogs tidy and comfortable in their fur but many take it a step too far .to check out the pictures from a dog grooming competition and let us know whether you 
think it is ok or too extreme.
Dog shows have been around for quite a while, where owners present their dogs to be judged on agility, obedience and appearance.
While most dog competitions are a fun event for everyone involved, sometimes the treatment of the dogs is viewed as bordering on cruel. Some shows include the extreme alteration of the dog’s appearance, forcing them to stand for hours while their fur is dyed in multiple colours and cut into unnatural styles before being paraded in front of judges.
Here are some of the wackiest creations from dog grooming competitions. What do you think? Fun and creative or unfair and cruel?

extreme grooming

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