Friday, 18 March 2016

My limericks

There once was a pear how had fluffy hair how liked to roll so was put in a bowl and that was scare
There was an old man in a tree
how was horribly bored by a bee

Then they said dose they buzz He Replied yes it does

It's a regular brute of a bee
There once a leprechaun
Who decided to hide in a shoe
A foot came on day
And to his dismay
He grant no more wishes to you

A jolly gent from the north pole
Had a red stocking with a hole
Mrs Claus stitched it
On the fireplace hitched it
Then filled it with coal
They was a very nice bunny
who was so very funny
She hurt her paw
Eating meat raw
And now she doesn't feel funny

1 comment:

  1. The Santa limerick was very funny McKenzie, it rhymed very well I hope you make more funny rhyming limericks, I hope you like my comment.


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