Thursday, 19 May 2016

Buddy Classes

Today For Buddy classes We had made pizzas They where yummy. We had so much  fun making the pizzas On our pizza we had tomato paste , Cheese Ham, Pineapple.
Here are the instructions on how to make these pizzas.First you put on the             Tomato paste on, then the cheese, then the          ham and lucky last the pineapple. The pizza instructions that Nova had made where Perfect. Nova would be a great chef that would make pizzas. she had tried so hard it was great. I can all ready tell that our buddies are going to be so much fun. Me and Nova had so much fun making the pizza. Huge thank to room 8 
And Miss Bailey and Miss Hines 
Make sure you go and have a look and room 8 and 17 blog


  1. Hey Kenzi
    Those pizzas look really good and tasted very good too. What was your favorite thing to do with your buddy? [ Mine was the Pizza ].

    From Holly Jill

  2. Would you recommend the pizza for everyone to make? They smelt amazing when they were cooking!

  3. Hi kenzi
    I really like the photos that you have put in of the pizzas and who your buddy is.

    I think that you could improve in the colors of the words so maybe not that blue color and maybe not to have such big gaps in the middle of each words.

    This remind me off when we made pizzas at home and at school.

    What was your favorite topping o the pizza

    From SHI

  4. Hi shi My buddy is Nova And My Favoruite part was eating the pizzas
    For Mackenzie


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