Monday, 30 July 2018

Self respect

This term we have been learning about self respect in  Whanau (family) Time Mrs O had set us a challenge to create a class presentation about self respect. Our class has worked really hard to figure out what self respect really is.
What self respect is:
*Labeled clothing 
*Looking after school property and our own property 
*Looking after clothing 
*Keep hair and body nice and clean 
*Clean chromebook


  1. Hello Mackenzie!My name is Emily and I am a student at Grey Main School!
    I like this post because it shows us what you have been doing in whanau time.
    This reminds me of friendship.
    Next time maybe do the Walt.
    Best of luck,

    1. Hi there Emily Thank you for your comment.
      I sure will add the w.A.L.T next time.
      And thank you for your sweet comment

  2. Hey Mackenzie. Its Ella Here from T3. I like that you know exactly what showing respect to yourself means. I really enjoyed making the video did you? Maybe next time you can put the video on your post.
    Bye for now, from Ella.

    1. Kia ora Ella
      Thank you for you Nice Comment
      I sure did enjoy making the class video
      Next time we make a class video i will add it to the post


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