Friday, 2 November 2018

Horror Story

This week we have has the challenge to write a horror story about anything so I have decided to write about me trick or treating. My story is not  quite complete but here is a snippet of it . Hope you enjoy it!

On a dark cool night I was traveling  down the street my eyes got caught on a  on a dark shadow of a tumultuous trees I was scared. The lights were on in the house all of a sudden there was a loud creek I quiverd  Didn't think too much of it so I walked over to the house a knocked on the door all I could hear was a loud laugh coming from behind the door it's suddenly cracked  opened.

As I rapidly started to fill my basket  with lollies An old man walked up behind me I did not think to much of it until...

By Mackenzie


  1. Kia Ora MacKenzie.
    Your detail in your story is incredible! I like how the ending was a great catch I really want to know what happens next. Did you enjoy writing this piece of writing?
    Well done!
    From Ella.

  2. I love the detail that you used in the horror story
    from Madison woolhouse p1


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